Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wild Wishes: A Happy Effin Valentine

By Stephanie Burke
ISBN: 978-1596322325
Erotica, Contemporary, Shapeshifter
$3.99 (eBook)

(1 star)

I was quite disappointed with this book. The story just seemed out of place or disjointed somehow, the characters didn't have any appeal and I just didn't even care if I finished reading it or not.

Effin, and yes that is the main character's name (which I thought was cute and original) is having the bad day of ALL bad days which culminates in her bringing a stray cat home which turns out to be this ancient Neko or Asian shapeshifter who was left in animal form to refamiliarize himself with his baser being.

This is all I can say about the story because this is all there is. There is no real conflict or drama, some decent sex yes(which is the reason for the one star rating), but a reader still wants a story. I'm a fan of Stephanie's work and I would hope that this story is the one every author seems to have that just leaves the reader feeling blah.


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