Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Fifth Favor

By Shelby Reed
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publishing
ISBN: 1419951130
Erotica, contemporary

4 stars

This is 365 pages of compelling drama and some of the hottest, most alluring, “make you quiver and shake” steamy, raw sex I’ve read in a while. WOW, it blew me away.

Adrian is a well toned, incredibly handsome, refined prostitute who lives in the cold and calculated world of pleasure for money. He works at Avalon, the most prestigious, high-class whorehouse in all of Washington, DC. He is paid big money to give unadulterated pleasure to women from all over the world who can afford to pay his fee. These women are CEO’s, royalty, politicians, and wives of the most influential men in the world, who seek out what only Adrian and his friends can offer.

One day a reporter named Billie Cort comes to visit Avalon, so she can see first hand what really goes on behind the walls of the closely held secret getaway. She encounters Adrian, who is more than willing to provide her with details about his work. Soon, both of their lives begin to unravel as their attraction takes them beyond anything they had ever imagined.

There is great drama and emotion parlayed throughout the story. Adrian is torn between a life he has kept secret from everyone around him, and the woman that threatens to make him FEEL. Billie, who has been hurt badly by love, fights her undeniable attraction to a man who gets paid to have sex. Their lives are so opposite, yet they can’t stop wanting and needing one another.

I read this book on my subway rides to and from work every morning and I swear, I wanted to really KNOW these people. This book is a MUST READ for anyone who loves a hot and sexy story, with real people and real emotions.


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