Friday, March 10, 2006

Emily: A Victorian Novel

by James Jennings (Anonymous)
Grove Pr Publishing
ISBN: 0394620690
$1.49 - $20.00 US

(2 1/2 Stars)

The book starts off with an English proper family in the Victorian era.. a young girl (Emily) is set to have an arranged marriage to a young man she isn't in love with... The book begins to go down hill from there... This book has a lot of Victorian reference and there is actually a story under all the erotica, there is only one thing about this book that really bothers me.. the scenes are extremely graphic which definitely get the blood pumping, there is even fetish references (spanking, bondage) but because the scenes are so graphic... I was extremely unprepared for a few father/daughter scenes this book held. I give the book 2 1/2 stars for the fact that the scenes are well written, sexy, and definitely explicit.. but this book seems more like cheap lit porn than an erotica novel. If you can stomach the incest, then this book might be worth while.. but I would have rated the book higher without it. Incest is not my bag of tricks.


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