Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy & Childbirth

by Jenny McCarthy
Perseus Books Group
ISBN: 0738210072
pregnancy, childbirth, parenting

(5 Stars)

I never thought I would like this book, in fact, I don't even really care for Jenny McCarthy, but the book was filled with a somewhat realistic view of the changes your body goes through.. all those little things you wonder about pregnancy but are far too polite to ask your friends, such as pooping on the table... yes, that is actually discussed in this book. It was a rather charming book, and it wasn't negative by any means, she tells how beautiful - but rough, pregnancy can be.. I really loved reading this book and I was really disappointed to see it end. This book isn't boring or drab like many other of the pregnancy books I have found, its a realistic view told to you by what seems like one friend talking to another. I would have read this book in a couple of hours, but I kept putting it down because I hated to see it end. She tells her story of how her pregnancy went, how she felt during it, the changes her body made, and her fears.. it is really refreshing to see someone explain their thoughts on pregnancy and reassure millions of other women, that they are going through the same things and it is normal. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or even those who have already had a child. If you don't care for Jenny McCarthy, you just might find this book enjoyable.. click the price to read some of the book at amazon before you buy, and if you find you don't like her sense of humor, she does appologize for that also. I was very impressed.


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