Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wild Wishes: A Happy Effin Valentine

By Stephanie Burke
ISBN: 978-1596322325
Erotica, Contemporary, Shapeshifter
$3.99 (eBook)

(1 star)

I was quite disappointed with this book. The story just seemed out of place or disjointed somehow, the characters didn't have any appeal and I just didn't even care if I finished reading it or not.

Effin, and yes that is the main character's name (which I thought was cute and original) is having the bad day of ALL bad days which culminates in her bringing a stray cat home which turns out to be this ancient Neko or Asian shapeshifter who was left in animal form to refamiliarize himself with his baser being.

This is all I can say about the story because this is all there is. There is no real conflict or drama, some decent sex yes(which is the reason for the one star rating), but a reader still wants a story. I'm a fan of Stephanie's work and I would hope that this story is the one every author seems to have that just leaves the reader feeling blah.

The Lord and the Scorpion

By Shiree McCarver
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1586088580
Erotica, Historical, Romance
$6.49 (eBook)

2 1/2 stars

Though I am not a big fan of historical novels, this one captured my interest not only because it was an I/R story, but because the heroine is a total bad ass. She lives in a time where woman are seen but not heard and they definetly are not expected or even wanted to be seen as a warrior. Sauda is nothing like the women of her time. She had a hellish life, trained and raised as a warrior, a killing machine that feels nothing. Her life as she knows is it completely turned amuck when the debonair Lord Ethan Clare stumbles into her world.

Their story is filled with intense romance and pagentry as he courts a woman that is seen as nothing more than a slave/heathen/wench by those he calls family and friends. Their differences are staggering but what binds them to one another is a much deeper need for true love. Sauda is a fighter and she fights his advances tooth and nail, but the charasmatic and devastatingly handsome Ethan Clare would not abide by her requests for doing what is expected of him.

Ethan is a man weighted by his duties as first son in an aristocratic family doomed by secrets. These secrets are enough to alter their lives and when they are revealed, the reader is left speechless. I enjoyed the story, although sometimes it did tend to rattle on a bit. However, what forced me to give the book the rating it received was the lack of editing. I couldn't believe this story was sold as it was with numerous misspellings and what seemed like neverending grammatical errors, along with puncuation. There was even a point where it seems the author left a note for the editor about her possibly ruining the story thus far. I was floored by the lack of editing in the story and that certainly played a major roll in my not being able to enjoy the story as much as I would have liked.

I recommend the story as a good read, but be warned that if you can't stomach the bad editing (which seems to get worse half way through the read), then let me suggest you bypass it all together. If you can survive through it, then the story of Sauda and Ethan will be enjoyable.