Thursday, May 11, 2006


by Stephen King
Signet Publishing
ISBN: 0451161343
fiction, horror

(2 Stars)

To say that I am growing tired of Stephen King's "newer" books would be the under statement of the century. I long for a book that chills my spine like Cujo, Carrie, and Misery.. this book was exactly like the movie. I wasn't that excited when I shelled out $10 at the movie theater to see it and I was even less than thrilled to read the book and find only slight differences that did not improve upon the story. You have a man cursed by a gypsy for killing a member of his family.. the curse makes him loose weight rapidly.. he seeks revenge, gets the gypsy to remove the curse but finds he must curse someone else.. so he plans to curse and kill his cheating wife and her Dr. boyfriend.. instead he finds his wife and his beloved daughter have eaten the pie which bestowed the curse onto them.. so he eats the pie in return. Sorry to spoil the book/movie for those who haven't seen it but it yields little else. The plot could have been better, could have been a hell of a lot more scary, and the book could have taken full advantage. This book took me no less than 1 hour to read. It was worthy enough to read while I waited at the Dr's office.. Hollywood found it fit enough to make a movie.. I on the other hand wished I had saved my $$ for something else. I have high hopes for Cell, which I will be reviewing very soon. I was quite shocked to see this book rated so highly on the likes of amazon and other book sites.. I didn't find this scary in the least.. in fact to me, it was quite a humorous, laughable, evil dead like, sad book.. and it saddens me DEEPLY to have to say that about Stephen King. In fact, I gave this book 2 stars simply because it IS Stephen King.