Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tanner's Scheme - Lora Leigh

What can I say about Tanner's Scheme that won't be a gush fest for yet another wonderful read from my favorite author, Lora Leigh? This is another story in the Breed series and it doesn't disappoint. Tanner, a Bengal breed is sexy as a mutha and Scheme, his mate makes him burn like no other woman could.

It was so damn hot I had to take care of things several times just to be able to get through the dang book. There is no other author like Lora Leigh. The woman is in a league of her own. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy the strong, dominate male character who will do anything to have the woman he desires. Tanner is just as uber sexy as the other Breed males. He wants what he wants and will not take no for an a good DOM male should. His masculinity will make you gush and hope that there are still males like him out in the universe.

I fully recommend this book for any Lora Leigh fan, but especially those that may not have read any of her books before. Tanner's Scheme is a wonderful addition to the Breed series although it can also be a stand alone story. Don't wait chica's...RUN to read this book!!!


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