Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Accidental Vampire - Lyndsay Sands

BURN this book if its in your library. Hell, you should be very ashamed for even having it...god knows I am. This book had so much potential, but ultimately it is a bonafide DUD! The writing is juvenile, the story lacks any imagination and for god sakes...who the hell edited this book! The main male character's name is Victor, but too many times (for my taste) in this book he's referred to as Vincent. If I caught it, how the hell didn't the editor who probably read this horrid book more times than anyone should. Hell, it could be taken as punishment, torture even for having to read it.

The story: the main chic was turned accidentally. She lives in the same town she's been in all of her life. The townsfolk know she's a vamp and she spends her first five years following what is written in Bram Stokers: Dracula. Then some male vamps show up after an ad is put into a local paper about a female vamp looking for a mate. Yes folks, that's the basic plot. Stupid and boring are the best words I can come up I can also say that it SUCKS!!!

The female vamp dragging the males to an A&P goes on wayyyyyyyyy too long, them all baking pies is ridiculous and my personal favorite, her neighbors are out to kill her because she said five years ago that she wanted to die. It took them five years to come up with a plan to kill her.

I swear to you a child could write a more imaginative and intriguing story. I'm dumbfounded that this rubbish is part of a series. A FREAKING SERIES! UGH! This is pure junk so don't waste a moment of your life reading it. I hate the fact that I'll never get back those hours I spent with this crap!


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