Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Taken By Storm: When good intentions go wrong

I finished a newly released e-book called Taken By Storm by first time author Marie Rochelle a few nights ago. I was intrigued by the synopsis I read, but what held me back from actually purchasing the story was the publisher. This publisher has a history of just bad practices in terms of editing and the price of their stories. Months ago, after purchasing a story that was 80 pages for $5.99, I pledged an oath to never, EVER buy anything from them again.

The friend who sent me this story told me that it wasn't good, that the heroine was weak, but I refused to let her opinion sway me. The story was approximately 367 pages (should have stopped at about 100-150 for sure) and besides it being unnecessarily long, unbelievable and having a weak, pathetic excuse for a "strong black woman" as the main female character, the lack of editing killed what little respect I had for the story. I feel bad for the author because she at least attempted to tell and sell a story, but for the publisher to release it with extensive (and I do mean EXTENSIVE) grammatical errors, my oh my, what a horrible error in judgment..

I've read posts from folks who stopped reading the story because of the horrid editing. It's a real shame that a first time author will receive the brunt of the criticism for something her publisher should have and could have prevented. Not every story I've read has been a winner, but this one stands out because it really lacked character development, believability and those damn editing (or lack of) mistakes.

Apparently, the publisher (OMP) will re-release the story once it completes a thorough editing sweep, but the damage is already done. For shame OMP, for shame.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks for the warning Nay. I'll be sure to avoid that publisher.

That's just so sad for all the writers that go through them.

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